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Finca S'Aigo is a beautiful complex surrounded by almond and currant trees, fruit and olive trees, rose bushes and palm trees. Our establishment has 3 independent villas and each of them has its own garden and private pool. Book your stay with us, enjoy an unforgettable vacation in nature! In our Finca S’Aigo ​​we have housed the horses and ponies, which enjoy a peaceful and free life. Our establishment is a kind of residence, rest or retreat where the horses arrive to retire or recover and cannot be ridden. Our horses are old and sick, for this reason their emotional and mental well-being, physical and emotional health and freedom of movement, is the most important thing for us.



About Us

Finca S’Aigo is a beautiful complex, on which there are four lovingly restored houses in the mallorcan style. Each house has its own garden with private pool, surrounded by almond and currant trees, fruit and olive trees, roses and palm trees.

In this natural paradise you will feel at peace and be able to relax completely. A horticultural dream has been created by the Julia Vicens Family. Over the years, they have planted, groomed and nurtured their exquisitely manicured gardens for everyone’s enjoyment.

Our guest cottages are equipped with all your modern amenities to guarantee your comfort, as well as bathrooms with bathtubs, heaters and fireplaces, which add a touch of cozy warmth for our autumn and winter guests. This is the time of year that the island comes to rest and one can take pleasure in the famous mallorcan light…..

Exclusively in the quieter and cooler seasons, the island offers many other possibilities which in summer are not suitable for everyone because of the high temperatures, such as horseback riding to the beach, workshops, hiking, cycling or running.

Seminars, workshops and group activities are also available upon request.

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Arrival calendar
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